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Dongguan Shengfengyu Melamine Products CO., Ltd,established in 2005 in Dongguan City, Qiaotou Town,is a professional manufacturer to independently develop, produce and sell Melamine tableware,The company co-existence of export and domestic production and management .The factory mainly produces high-quality Melamine (MELAMINE, Melamine and Ceramic-like) tableware products.ShengFengYu Melamine follows various quality requirements; the products meet the U.S. Department of Health’s NSF certification and FDA’s food grade test and have passed the test of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

Melamine products, while retaining the elegant style of porcelain, but also has a body of light, the appearance of fine, durable, unbreakable and so on. The manufacture of high temperature and pressure forming, bright color, non-toxic, odorless, acid corrosion resistance, bump, impact resistance, not broken, for dishwashers and disinfection cabinets. Slow heat transfer products, not hot, edge smooth, delicate feel comfortable and easy to clean. Variety of styles, shapes, product design bright, beautiful, closer to life and nature.

Applicable to society and family, all kinds of restaurants, hotels and enterprises is also a gift to share.

Melamine products are internationally popular of a new material products. Because of its beautiful health, unbreakable, washable and durable, which is widely used tableware, containers, daily necessities and other industries. It mainly has the following characteristics:

First, the aesthetics: the product color stable, beautiful color, gloss, texture, traditional porcelain beauty.

Second, durability: melamine products high mechanical strength, free fall from a height less prone to breakage, cracking phenomenon; surface hardness, not easy to have scars, suitable for long-term use.

Third, easy to clean: melamine products from oil, gasoline, organic solvents, corrosion, can not easily be dyed, water resistance, good resistance to washing, apply to any sold in a cleaning agent washing。

Fourth, the heat: heat-resistant melamine products, excellent flame resistance, dishwasher safe, can be stored in a sterile cabinet。

V. Safety: Melamine product is safe, no radiation, long-term use without any adverse effects on the human body. In line with international standards related to food hygiene and safety, impact resistance is not easy to break, good electrical insulation, especially for children.

Sixth, Environmental protection: melamine products relative to ceramic products more environmentally friendly, placed in the natural environment will not cause any pollution to the environment。

Melamine formaldehyde resin scientific name, referred to as "MF". Melamine use common sense:

One. Placed directly on the fire ban baking;

Two. Wipe with a steel ball can not be washed;

Three. Should not be used in a microwave oven;

Four. With cleaning fluid on a regular basis immersion cleaning.

Senior melamine of criteria:

First, the visual: high-quality melamine products smooth surface gloss, no flash, mold lines handled smooth with brightness, pattern no deviation, no defects;

Two hands touch: smooth surface, but feel fine, do not scratch hands, feeling better;

Third, a variety of specialized tests.

Division I since the plant has always attached great importance to product quality and customer awareness, honest and trustworthy, quality assurance, customer first service for the purpose of producing quality products in international market competition by domestic and foreign businessmen alike, in the peer also has a good reputation。 Service concept: honesty Customer First quality assurance on-time delivery。

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